Mouthguard Care

A custom mouthguard should last up to 1 year in a growing child and up to 3 years in an adult. Children are constantly changing, their jaws are growing and their teeth are falling out and erupting. We will do our best to make sure that we accommodate for these changes.

  • Remove any retainers or dental appliances before participating in any contact sports.

  • Your mouth guard should be worn at all games and practice.

  • Carefully examine your mouthguard to check for excessive wear or jagged edges.

  • It may be time to replace your mouthguard if you see jagged edges or cracks.

  • DO NOT CHEW YOUR MOUTH GUARD! It reduces the effectiveness .

  • Clean your mouth guard after every use.

  • Clean using a soft tooth brush with mouth wash or denture cleaner is most effective. Stay away from abrasive toothpastes that may scratch and help bacteria adhere to your mouthguard.

  • Never leave your mouth guard in direct sunlight or at high temperatures as this will distort the material and leave your custom made mouthguard ill fitting.